Different to the E1701 scanner card this controller does not require a galvo-driven scanhead but can be used to control a XY-table or a XY-gantry a laser or an other suitable tool is mounted on (like a mill or a material extruder). Handling and usage out of BeamConstruct is fairly the same like for common galvanometer-driven output devices. This controller is a Ethernet and USB controllable card which provides following motion-related features:

  • 2D and 3D CNC-like support of X, Y and optional Z motion axes
  • generates step and direction pulses for usage with stepper motor driver
  • 500 kHz maximum step clock
  • linear, exponential and s-shaped acceleration modes
  • freely definable referencing modes with auto-searching for reference switch
  • 8 digital outputs providing either CMOS logical levels or electrically insulated outputs via external power supply for controlling 2 motors via step and direction signals and additional devices
  • 8 freely usable digital inputs expecting either CMOS logical levels or electrically insulated inputs via external power supply for usage with limit-/reference switches or encoder inputs
Following laser or generic tool features are provided:
  • can control nearly every laser type or other tools that can handle similar control signals
  • offers two laser CMOS level digital outputs for usage with YAG, CO2, IPG™ SPI™ and compatible laser types (outputs can provide PWM frequency, Q-Switch, FPK-pulse, continuously running frequency, stand-by frequency), running with frequencies up to 20 MHz
  • one CMOS level digital output for switching tool or laser (LaserGate, tool on/off)
  • 8 bit CMOS parallel output for additional power control (LP8)
  • 8 bit 0..5 V analogue output for additional power control
Beside of that these general features and functions are available too:
  • realtime processing
  • programmable via binary API (via DLL/Windows or .so/Linux) or ASCII command interface (via Telnet/Ethernet or serial interface/USB)
  • 100 Mbit Ethernet connection
  • USB 2.0 connection
  • command execution time down to 1 microsecond
  • 512 MByte DDR3 RAM
  • 1 GHz controller CPU clock
  • extremely low power consumption of about 2 W
  • two decoders for evaluation of axis position via quadrature encoder signal
  • very small size of about 87 mm x 55 mm
  • hardware/firmware is quality made in EU/Germany


  • E1701P manual containing hardware description and programming interface specification: e1701p_manual.pdf
  • Drivers and development files (Windows only): e1701p.exe
  • Development files (Windows and Linux, no driver required for Linux): GIT Repository
For further information, a quotation or to order the E1701P plotter controller, please contact us!

E1701P™ hardware and design is © by HALaser Systems/OpenAPC Project Group