HALaser Systems For Future

Since 2015 HALaser Systems follows a strict policy to deliver products as environmental-friendly as possible and to have "green" products as well. This policy consists of some relatively simple but effective rules that mainly do not cost any money but require to do some things different:

  • Plastic and paper in our shipped packages can be separated easily for simple and fast recycling - so there will never be plastic tape stuck on our cardboard boxes (unfortunately customs sometimes uses plastic tape after opening a package)
  • Boxes and spacing material used for shipping is made of recycled paper (except for ESD-bags which are necessary for electrostatic sensitive devices)
  • All documents shipped with our products are printed on recycled paper
  • We do not buy from suppliers that use excess packaging
  • We never send newsletters or other ads on paper
  • Electronic newsletters are sent as rarely as possible and only when there are really some news
  • We do not make use of crypto currencies due to their extreme waste of energy during mining and processing
  • Power consumption of our hardware is as low as possible and much lower than devices of most of our competitors
  • Our laser marking solutions can be used for natural/organic branding to help saving unneccesary packaging of food
  • At the end of every year we donate money for a non-profit organisation that protects some primeval forest - enough to fully compensate the CO2 produced out of usage of our hardware for it's full lifetime
  • Our webpages are hosted fully carbon-neutral in data-centres that run with 100% green power
  • We do not do any direct (and as far as we have a chance to get informed about this also not any indirect) business with companies and countries that are involved into invasion into or agression against other contries
  • We are constantly on the look out for new green initiatives to incorporate into our business practices - please tell us when you think something important is missing!